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The Key To Get The Most Of Your Nutritional Supplements

Like many things in life, Consistency is the Ultimate key when you want to feel a difference with your supplementation routine.

Once a day is simply not enough. My utmost goal in life is to promote optimal health to my friends and family in order for them to live a life free from pain. I have reached it and let me tell you it's amazing to live without pain, common cold, allergies... I didn't get there overnight as you might have seen in my previous blogs, it takes a while yet each step is important.

Today, I wanted to focus on taking Nutritional supplements because it is key to optimal health. I'm talking about good quality ones like Usana not what you get for cheap from a guy's basement or even those Food Grade ones.

As I said, Consistency is key to reach optimal health. When I say Optimal Health, it includes sleeping well 7-9 hours/day, having a whole food lifestyle , exercicing & of course, taking nutritional supplement.

Taking then twice a day, every day because Vitamins & Minerals are divided into daily doses. Take them with your meal or a snack as it helps to dissolve better and also good absorbtion ( The fat soluble vitamin A-D-K-E need a little fat for absorbtion) It also promote a good blood profile which is super important for optimal health. Taking them Am & Pm ensures that your blood always have vitamins & minerals, if your cells needs it, it's there!

Need some trick to make the habit stick?

** Set up an alarm on your phone in AM & PM as a reminder

**Organize them and keep them in full view...let say in the washroom or kitchen counter.

** Keep some at home, at work, in your bag or car so you have access and you don't skip any dosage.

Which ever method you get to choose to take your nutritional twice a day, make it stick for 4 weeks, this way you will have created a habit of health.

Add to the challenge, don't do it alone. Have your spouse, your kids, your friends to join you. You know that in today's world you need them. We are not in 1980 when that was up for debate. We are in 2020 and our soils are depleted, we eat more processed food then ever, air is polluted.... We definitively need them so make it worth your while and your investment as well as give you a life in Health!

It pays off Big Time.

You would like to give it a try? Risk free?

Try the Health Pack from Usana. Celebrate the Lunar New Year with this limited edition.  HealthPack Lunar NewYear

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