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Boost Your Cognitive Baseline

60 days to a smarter you

Like muscle tissue, your brain needs a combination of exercise, nutrition, and recovery to perform at its best, and the sharpest mind requires conscious effort over time for real results. Unlike a bicep curl, though, it’s challenging to measure mental strength. Gauge your current cognitive baseline by testing your brain. A ton of free online options are available, ranging from brain games, like Lumosity, to the American Psychological Association-approved Wonderlic test.

Once you’ve found a cognitive test that fits your style, don’t hesitate—take it. Then create your 60-day brain-training plan using the tips below. Re-take the same test in two months to see how much you improve! Challenge your friends on your journey, trust the  USANA products  to take you that step closer to optimal health, boosting your cognitive health along the way.

10 Tips to Sharpen Your Mind

  • Reach for wholesome. Whole foods provide a variety of beneficial nutrients often stripped from processed goods. Take our shopping guide—see image at bottom of blog—on your next trip to the grocery store for healthier home cooking.
  • Elevate your thinking. Give your mind an edge with the perfect pairing of nootropics in USANA CopaPrime and brain-fueling fatty acids in BiOmega. CopaPrime uses InCelligence® technology to boost immediate mental performance and strengthen neural pathways for optimal cognitive function as you age.
  • Play games. Whether methodically filling in a sudoku sheet or engaging in friendly competition over a checkerboard, games and puzzles engage your brain and flex the thinking muscle in a fun way.
  • Sweat it out. Physical exercise reduces stress, improves blood flow, aids in restful sleep, and provides many other whole-body benefits. Make time to move every day—take the stairs or jog around the block during lunch on busy days.
  • Acquire new skills. Learning new skills greatly benefits cognitive health. Pick up a new language with DuoLingo, take piano lessons at a local music shop, watch free photography tutorials on YouTube—whatever you choose, your brain wins.
  • Decompress. A clear mind is a healthy mind. Engage in breathing exercises, meditate, write in a mood journal, call a close friend, or read a good book to destress and open your mind to new growth.
  • Get plenty of sleep. Sleep is the foundation of good health and it’s your brain’s chance to process the day. But good sleep hygiene can be hard to maintain. Incorporate these sleep tips and tricks for a better night’s rest.


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For the 60 days challenge, you will need 2 bottles of

2 x USANA® CopaPrime+™ (clickable link)

2 x BiOmega™(clickable link)

Feel the difference

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20 sec 2x/day


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