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Boost your health, own a pet

  • Owning a pet for the sake of your health!!

When it comes to health, eating wholefood is as close to a magic potion as you can get!!!

Exercising is also way up there along with taking good quality nutritional supplements of high quality!


As well as Sleep- laughter- hydration... is what health is all about but what about owning a pet?

 I adore all animals which explain why somehow I ended up vegan 😂 cows are by far my favourite yet too big to bring home 😢!

Health benefits of owning a pet...


Healthy mind

When it comes to your mind a pet can make a big difference in how you see the world around you!  The best example here it’s that it ease depression symptoms.

Life ain’t always easy and right now in the midst of this pandemic it can be proven to be quite difficult to say the least.

Looking for Comfort, companionship, and love? If you are feeling lonely, depressed or at the end of your roll, a pet could certainly break this cycle!

They express unconditional love which is truly rewarding when you feel out of it, making you feel worth it and wanted / needed.

Pets offer a sense of calmness, it promotes you to feel relaxed, even just petting your animal can improve your mood as the level of cortisol ( the infamous stress hormone) lowers and serotonin, a feel-good chemical your body makes, rises.


Healthy body

Exercising & working out!!!

Working out with your pet will be tremendously beneficial for both!! Exercising is key to staying young and keeping that young looking figure for longer.

First of all it takes away all the excuses you could come up with and stay home!

Benefits are endless, from boosting your mood to lower your blood pressure it also strengthens your bond with your pet! Best buddies 😉

Exercising helps keep your heart, lungs, joints, and digestive and circulatory systems healthy, and it helps your pet control it’s weight and expend energy that would otherwise go against your furniture 😬


Socially healthy

Lack of friends or connections?

It’s been said before that keeping a healthy mind is helped by staying engaged with others. It is almost inevitable to not talk to anyone whilst walking your pet as they are conversation starters that could be transformed in real friendships ... if I’m around it is entirely impossible to avoid me if you have a dog 😂

Engaging in a positive conversation improve the release of dopamine which makes you happier and give you a feeling of well being.


All in all, you might find it relaxing to just watch your fish swimming in your aquarium as it reduces your stress level, lower blood pressure and heart rate.

 May be you’ll find it rewarding to walk your dog as it helps with your weight loss and keeps you moving. Even the relaxing sounds of a cat’s purr which creates vibrations at a frequency of 18-35HZ has been shown to help with joint mobility after injury or illness!


Owning a pet has its benefits yet is come also with responsibility so make sure you are able to have a pet and understand what is involved before you make this decision!


Which pet would suits you best? Do the test...



I personally have 2 aquariums and 2 indoor cats. Indoor cats because I also like birds and I couldn’t bare my cats killing birds yet also, I live to close to wildlife and coyotes would take them!

 If you have a pet, pls comment and let us know how it has improved your health/ life💚

Having a pet might  just add to this magic potion making you feel amazingly healthier!!



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