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For the sake of my Health

Yes, For my Health.

I am Vegan.

- In a world where there are climatic uncertainties.

- In a world where people care about their dogs yet are willing to kill over 200 animals a year just to feed themselves.

- In a world where there is a constant fight against time.

- In a world where degenerative diseases take 9/10 of us out.

I have decided, (2.5 years ago) to kick it up a notch and go Vegan. Its the right things to do.

It is me, proudly showing compassion for all those issues and living up to it.

The journey that lead me to Veganism has been somewhat an interesting one to say the least. I have joined the Health trend about 10 years ago when I realized that I will not live for ever. One of my first steps was to start eating low glycemic. Once you understand the glycemic index you are able to make incredible decisions for your Health.

Preventing degenerative diseases was one of my main concern. Seeing the destruction it is causing all around me prompted me to take action as suppose to wait for it to happen. People talks about degenerative diseases as a normal thing to happen in a lifetime...not for me thank you very much! I cannot settle for the norm.

****So within the last 10 years I've adopted quite a number of good habits like these ones:

*  Stopped drinking caffeine. Creating my own energy at the cellular level (mitochondria) without needing anything from the outside which in returns promote healthy body function.

* Stopped drinking alcohol, 10 years ago. The benefits are endless, Health wise and financially. And I still can enjoy my life Whoa!!!

* Stopped smoking. I am an Executive Chef what did you expect!

* Started exercising regularly, every single day. I understood that exercises creates oxidation at the cellular level regardless of the workout!. I know that we are  made of trillions of cells and by maintaining them in good health, they are keeping me away from the common degenerative diseases as well as common illnesses. I urgently needed to get them protected and as a chef, I also understand that we cannot find all the antioxidants and minerals we need in food alone regardless of what we eat. This realization brought me to start researching a quality supplement from a trusted company with a clean record... I have found one and even partnered up with it to help my quest to be at my optimal Health. The world best nutritional company gave me the confidence to keep exercising knowing my cells are protected from oxidation. Peace Of Mind.

* Started drinking warm lemon water in the morning. Every morning for years now...the benefits are endless. see it here

* Many many more good habits to a point where I am now called a Health Nuts.

* * * * Most recently, going on 3 years now, I have adopted a Vegan lifestyle for Health reasons. When I say lifestyle it is because it is my way of living, not to confuse with a diet which refer to a temporary fix.

Very proud of what was  accomplished and also the nickname "Health Nuts". I am by far at the healthiest I have ever been. Now reaching mid 40s I feel like I have reversed the aging process!! I am at my perfect weight for my height (bmr link) . I have a great sustainable energy throughout the day and a better focus.

What I love more about being Vegan is:


 * I'm Healthy

 * I live a cruelty free life

* I leave no carbon footprint

* Being Vegan starts something inside of you. It stirs or triggers this thing I called the " I Care Syndrome".   You start Caring more about many things like, recycling - you go on a walk an find yourself picking up garbage, you don't use plastic bags at all, you don't use plastic water bottles, you walk to shops when possibles. Care more about mother earth. Care more about your Health which prompt you adopting new healthy habits. You start Caring about all living things. You show compassion and empathy. The transformation is magical.

* I mean, don't get me wrong, I've had my fare share of insults as well as being ridiculed for what I have become, a  Health Nut!  Family - friends - strangers alike were not afraid to show their disagreement for my lifestyle and concerns for my well being... are you getting enough proteins? Are you tired of eating salad? (ignorant)... you are going to get sick... you won't build muscle... I've heard it all.

All these disagreements towards my healthy lifestyle coming from people plagued with their own diseases and overwhelmed by medications, unable to change. Yes I get it, change is scary but when we are talking about our own life, our own Health...Fear should go away!!

This brings me to tell you about this heated confrontation I have had with someone close. I was being told how wrong I was for being Vegan, for not drinking alcohol, for taking nutritional supplements. It was quite upsetting to hear yet I listened. Than I asked:" How healthy are you?  The answer was:  "A little overweight however I am very healthy beside the pills for high blood pressure, the pills for depression and the pills to help me focus I am in perfect health" . I thought, How can someone younger than me with these Health issues start telling me how wrong I am? I live a life free from medications, free from pain and suffering? I never lose any time for sickness never!! ***However after a great reflection, I realized that it is not because I am Healthy but because I am different.

I am Vegan for my Health.

I am Vegan for mother nature

I am Vegan for the animals

I am Vegan, help feed the world.

I am Vegan because I Care.

I am an environmentalist with compassion.

No need to be judged when you do something right!


*** When you realize that you won't live forever, take action. This is No waiting game, it's your life.

Veganism is Right


Frederic Gagne



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