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Garden & Health

Gardening & Health

    I am a nut case when it comes to health. My Ig is Health Nuts, my website is Healthy Chef Fred and 3 of my good friends and I have just started a health movement by creating the healthy way vibes

    I am all about living a fulfilled life in health. I am a warrior.

    🌟 I am also extremely creative in everything I do. My creative side has been mainly through my career as an Executive Chef, therefore with food. It is amazing when you are able to create a dish that is appealing to the eye yet that also tastes amazing!!!

     Lately, since we have bought our home, I have been able to also experience my creative side in my gardens. My house came with a blank canvas... just grass. I have transformed it into a wilderness heaven featuring wild life, water, flowers and of course fruits and vegetables.

Let's dig into why Health & Garden.

    🌹  Gardening brings me peace of mind. No matter what's going in my life ( I also have bad and though days!) gardening offers me the chance to breathe, take a step back, recoup my thoughts and think clearly. This is my mediation. I cannot stop doing things, I'm a doer so meditation by sitting and doing nothing doesn't work for me. Gardening helps tremendously, it connects me to nature and it's rhythm of life which is slow therefore allowing me to enjoy the moment whilst being creative.

   🌻  Physically gardening is a great exercise. It helps with many body functions including strengthening our bones, muscles and joints. It improves our balance at the core and might even prevent high blood pressure. When gardening, we move around, we dig, we pull, we lift and these exercises do not go unnoticed by our body. It is my favorite exercise no doubt along with running!

    🍀 I often sit on the grass, listen to the water trickling from my pond while the hummingbirds fly fast buzzing in my ears. I see the first flights from birds born in their little house by the ponds while watching those butterflies experiencing their newly developed wings. I watch my Mason bees working hard at giving my gardens the best yield ever and at night, the bats are out from their little house eating all the mosquitoes so I can stay peacefully yet sometimes they also fall prey to beautiful immaculate white owls. This is what I truly call Magic. A zucchini growing, a flower opening up, a frog jumping in the pond. Magic of life and yes, stress dissipate. It engulfs stress and replaces it with gratitude for life.


    🌾 Healthy for the brain? We might be working with our hands but our brains get a great workout also! We've got to plan the garden, maintain it, know what to plant and how to plant it, knowing which type of gardening to do ( I practice organic & Biodynamic gardening), figuring out how to prevent and deal with pest ( which is a big part of successful gardening! ) Learning new techniques, finding solutions and using your own creative side. It keeps the brains connections working hard as we feed it fresh oxygen and sunshine which is the very best source of Vitamin D.

   💐  Gardening keeps me connected to my neighbors. Many of us have gardens so we share our successful tips and we warn against destructive pest to prevent theirs. We get to share our extra vegetables... I would love to tell my garden to only give me a zucchini every three days but it doesn't work like that and they all come at once! So it's not unusual to get a knock on the door for a zucchini! As neighbors, it is an amazing skill to share and such a great way to build a community

     🥬Healthy food...We are what we eat right?  Growing my own garden allow me to manage how i want to grow it, in my case without the use of chemicals or artificial fertilizers. I am also fortunate to be able to pick my vegetable when I need them therefore allowing them to pack as much nutrients whilst ripening on the plant unlike vegetables you buy from the store which are normally picked unripe and without the maximum nutrients. As a family, we know how much effort we put into our own gardens therefore we are more likely to eat more of them which in turn is extremely beneficial for our health.


Gardening brings relaxation, fitness, delicious food and a connection to nature. These were my top reasons as to why gardening is my favorite healthy habit yet I believe that it could be anyone's!
Anyone else enjoy gardening as much as I do?
I am Grateful I have this opportunity to enjoy this healthy habit which is gardening!!🙏
Frederic Gagne



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