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Not as Healthy as you wish?🤔

Don't blame your age!!

Hey, Chef Fred here sharing my thoughts on Age, Health & Fitness.

I'm in my mid 40s living my best life! Seriously, I am at my healthiest. I have energy, I have the perfect body weight ratio and the list goes on...! However I haven't always been as Healthy & vibrant as I am right now! Everything stems from the decision we are making...

At one point of my life I was so skinny, I was nicknamed "The Ghost". I could virtually place my hands around my waist and get my fingers to touch each other😲...I wasn't healthy, I was skinny. So if you are a little overweight and looking at skinny people going " Oh I wish I was as healthy..." You are wrong as skinny doesn't mean healthy😉 I Lived in South East Asia at that time and I didn't eat much, i just party 🎉 a lot. Years passed and I ended up moving to Beautiful Vancouver British Columbia 🇨🇦  where I became the Executive Chef of the biggest & busiest restaurant. That was in  2004-2017. It's stressful to run a restaurant with over 40 chefs. It demands all your energy and my Health was the last thing on my mind. The focus was " Get better" "Get faster" "Make more money".... I gained weight. By 2010, I was at the heaviest I have ever been. I was in the worst Health ever as I was constantly stressed, I ate bad food mainly (clickable link) high glycemic, I didn't exercise, didn't take any nutritional supplements. I was not sleeping the best as I kept getting up thinking about work. I am sure many can relate!

Right after the Vancouver Olympics where I would work easy 18-20 hours a day and sleep in the office. I realized that

I am not going to live forever.

It hit me. I am not going to live forever!!!                                                                   I cannot keep going like this I thought. This apply to all of us, we focus so much on what needs done to be financially surviving that we forget ourselves, our body and don't pay attention to our Health.                                                                   My boy was 8 years old in 2010. Once I realized that my Health path was wrong it made me start thinking better & clearer!! I started taking decisions for my  Health. Informative decisions that is. I researched, I attended Health seminars in Canada and U.S.A.! I woke up! It's MY HEALTH, MY LIFE! I want to be around as long as possible living a life free from pain & suffering which is key here. Yes in today's world we may find that we live longer but I see it more like this: We die longer. I don’t want to be stuck in a bed with a degenerative disease for years I want see my grand kids and be part of my son's life for as long as I can in Outstanding Health!😎

If you'd like to see which good habits took me to where I am today I'd love to inspire you with this other blog of mine. click here.

We only have one body, we only live once!!                                                             I am now living my life at my Healthiest.                                                        

So when people say I am to old to exercise, too old to lose the belly fat, to old to start a new lifestyle I have to disagree. It is all about the decisions we make.

If I would have kept going the way my life was going in 2010, I'd be taking high blood pressure pills, I'd have diabetes type 2, I'd be overweight and I'd be a couch potato because I didn't know what exercises were. Seriously why exercise when you can watch Netflix right? Little did I know. Now, instead, I live a life free from medications unlike many of my friends my age, free from pain, free from illnesses all this because of my actions!😇

When people blame age, it is because it is so easy to do. They are tired of their work, tired of the kids, tired of life, laundry is too much of a great task and feel they need to sit down in front of the TV to relax...with a glass of wine. Some blame fat gained on age!

We need to stop blaming age but our actions. Own it! Own it! Own it!  People will either show you empathy for your life and state of mind which may be what you are looking for, attention.. or people will see you as an example to live a healthy life! Take the decision to go for a walk, to run, to take an aerobic class. Be the person to follow and let people talk about you as they are looking up to you. Which one would be better? Blame your age or lead by examples?

I have many clients getting back to me after exercising and they are astonished by how good they feel! Exercises releases the happy hormones and they just feel so Happy, Alive, Vibrant and people around them feel it to!

Some of my clients start a wholefood lifestyle, even some go Vegan. The result are overwhelmingly incredible. They find themselves going towards a better (click link) body weight ratio ( bmr) and they start feeling amazingly confident in themselves.

Most clients start taking good quality nutritional supplements because with me as a Coach & Chef they get to understand that even a Vegan like me doesn't get all the nutrients our body needs in food alone as it is impossible in today's world, I am a Chef, I have explored these fields. People notice their energy level increasing, some are reversing the aging process typically speaking as they feel and look younger than years before, I know I do.

I love life for what is has to offer when you see it with a Happy Heart and feel confident about yourself.

We are not going to live forever!💫

Take action. Don't let age be your excuse.😉

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