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Is Sunshine Enough?

                🌞Vitamin D🌞

        💚Is Sunshine enough?💚

    Over the years, there has been a lot of scientific studies that led to many discussions about what is the safe level of Vitamin D.

     We know how important Vitamin D is... most don’t even know why they need it yet they know they need it 😂

    If you wonder, check this video that the team and I did☺️ 



    Yes there is so much good in vitamin D yet barely any places where it can be found!

☀️The Sun, we say!! ☀️The sun will give you all the vitamin D you need yet we constantly smother ourselves with the highest spf sunscreen available because the UV rays are bad for us... today anyway!🙄

    Also, Here is a point I wonder about.🤔

looking at an evolutionary standpoint, does it make sense that a higher level of vitamin D is beneficial to humans? Knowing how difficult It is to find in naturally occurring food sources we must wonder why our bodies have evolved to create darker skin in the parts of the world where they get the most sun? If it is so critical to our health why would we evolve in this way, to require something that is hard to come by and make it so hard to get it and absorb it? As we know the darker the skin the longer it is needed to stay under the sun-rays without sunscreen to absorb the D!

     So, Mother Nature 🌴 is just making it harder for us to absorb and obtain because it is indeed crucial to human health!


                 ☀️We need Vitamin D! 🎣

       🌟Many studies finds that most people have less than 10-20ng/ml which may lead to many heath issues!

     What is the optimal level of Vitamin D you may ask? 🤓

     There as been as lot of controversy over the years yet the world leaders in Vitamin D, doctors- scientists - researchers came to the consensus to recommend everyone 40-60 ng/ml.

     Needless to say that It has become a global challenge around the world 🌎 to obtain our Vitamin D naturally or through diet.

    A global challenge with widespread potential for affecting the health of so many people . Vitamin D deficiency is in direct link with numerous chronic diseases like depression, infection, asthma, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases, muscle weakness, osteoporosis, cancer...😢

    People already struggle to meet the minimum RDA level of Vitamin D and we know that RDA levels have already been grossly underestimated.

** RDA stands for Recommended Dietary Allowance.


    Trying to establish an accurate diet that would prevent Vitamin D deficiency is difficult let alone for Vegans 🌱like me 😂 as most food containing it are salmon & fortified milk !!!

     People are spending less time outdoors... look at most kids today!! If they are outside we, parents,  don’t let them out without sunscreen because of the skin damage that the UV radiation would cause over time!

    The fact is that it is during those summer days that the rays are high enough and the latitude of the planet is at its optimal for absorption on the D!!

      Let’s dive in into the health benefits of having a proper range of Vitamin D in your body?


☀️Improve cellular health & function.

🌤Supports our bones and teeth mineralization & growth.

☀️Support a healthy immune & nervous system as well as brain health.

🌤Support muscle strenght and coordination

☀️Regulates insulin levels.

🌤The list goes on...


   This is why a call the Vitamin D, the invisible miracle Vitamin... though it could be for all of them 😂 as their work is barely unnoticed unless we fall victim of a heath challenge.

    You may want to prevent, take action. Eat more salmon, go outside without sunscreen for a while or even think about a high quality supplement.

  • I always say that our health is our biggest asset ... we lose it, we’d do anything and spend our savings to gain it back.

      🔥Here is a great article on Vitamin D written by Ask the Scientist.


     You’d like to know what your Vitamin D level are here you take action? Here is a great trusted way to know your level of Vitamin D.


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