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January 1st, 2019 OWNIT

Gained some extra lbs during the holiday?

Want to detox from the holiday's excessive eating & drinking?

Are you wanting to break the plateau you might be stuck on?

Would you love to start the new year the healthiest you've ever felt?

If so, you might want to keep reading as I might have the answer for you

but if you are eager to see it and buy it here is the link 


I'm writing this December 13th and we know that before we know it the holiday will be over and we will have eaten and drank way more than we wanted too. It's OK because my Partner in Health, Usana health sciences have got the best ever detox/cleanse the world has ever seen and it'll set you up for your healthiest year ever . I know.

Yes,  January 1st will comes super fast with all its bells and whistles.

It is proven to be the perfect day because everyone seems to want to start the year on the right path.... so we pretty much have the support of the world with us as we are all in the same boat. However we know that this movement , the magic of this first day only last for a short period that is why this 5 days of detoxing is PERFECT!!!!!  It's a new day, a new month and the beginning of your healthiest &  best year ever. This is the year. 2019

Now, know that I am a " health Nuts"


Here is my Instagram so you can check me out. Fred's IG I always give awesome health tips for your mind and body! My enjoyment in life is to seek how to be at  my best  physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually. Be at and maintain optimal health.  

So now, what is that DETOX I am talking about? 

It gets rid of your cravings...Lets face it, you've been attached to your bread-pasta-rice-potatoes-sweet desserts/candies (just to name a few) for a while now...2 weeks, 2 month, 2 years....regardless. You know that the key to your success is to not crave the food that you have been used to!!This 5 day detox/cleanse/weight management does EXACTLY that!!!

The first day and second day, of the detox, your are in a withdrawing mode. So your brain is asking you to give it the food it wants yet with the 5 day program , you are already giving it all it needs therefore you only have to ride this wave. Understanding what your brains wants ( high glycemic food...sugar) and giving it what it needs, fiber, carbohydrates is key.

The third day , your body is now satisfied and your brain has given up asking for the food that it craves ( your cravings) and this is when it truly is a moment of beauty. Your body feels good, your enjoy a tremendous boost in energy, you feel lighter, you feel happier, start sleeping better.... benefits are just starting to flow and you are loving it.

Forth and fifth days are to break the habit for good. Giving you the chance to plan for better and healthier meal plans. As your body gets all the Proteins, Fiber, Carbohydrates and good Fat from the Macro nutrients in the Reset, you are ultimately losing any extra weight you may have accumulated. Average weight loss is 5 lbs. I've seen it go as high as 14lbs yet as low as 1 lbs. This depend of your body mass ratio. check it out here

You may be losing the extra weight however, the main things is you are getting rid of the accumulated toxins in your body, giving it a fresh start for the new year. 2019 here I come without the cravings and without the extra lbs!!!

I can see you are getting excited !!!

if you’d like to get yours now here is the link

reset or veganreset

The RESET: It is a mixtures of shakes, the macro nutrients, ( Click on macro nutrients it'll explain youthat offers the proper amount of protein, carbohydrates, fiber and good fat to help you feel full. It  gives your cells all they need to thrives and your body the fuel it needs to have a sustainable energy. Reset comes with nutritional supplements  called the micro nutrients,( click on micro nutrients it'll explain you) that gives your cells all the minerals and antioxidants they required on a daily basis. Comes also with the Probiotics (click this link) .     

These Probiotics are proven to even get all the way to the small intestines to bring its health benefits and help with your optimal health.

Because of the ever growing demand in vegan products, the Reset is now available Vegan as well.

vegan reset : Click here

 reset: Click here


Get it Now to be ready for New Years



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