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2020 started & I feel Fat

January 2020 arrived🎉...so damn fast!

For the first few days of January it seems so exciting to start a new decade!! New possibilities, new goals, new mindset, new body, new freaking me and all... what’s my starting point?🤔
First of all, these past few days, I found myself talking about the last 2 decades like if they virtually just happened and vanished at the same time.

I remember celebrating the year 2000, AKA end of the world, in Sydney like if it was yesterday...🥳

Few months later, whilst living in Darwin , I met my beautiful wife with whom I travelled many countries and filled life with adventures till today! 💚

The birth of my son in 2002 in England...I remember how amazingly close I got to missing it because I was working too many hours and was out for the count. Not proud.🙄

We moved to Canada, Montreal in 2003, which was a mistake for a world traveler like me who dislike to cold 🥶 and love the sea 🌊. So we relocated in Vancouver...Beautiful British Columbia.

My years of culinary experiences 👨‍🍳 around the world took me to run one of the busiest restaurant of the West Coast  in 2004-2017. I loved my job, the stress, the chaos, the achievements, the incredible challenges ( like the Olympics 2010) that were crushed and overcame! I could say what I loved the most, was the staff. My family away from home. Back house, front house...loved them all. I had sooo much fun. However Very few connections still remain yet that's life!!

From starting the millennial (2000) a lover of alcohol, cigarettes, mild drugs ( now legal haha)  bad food ( always high glycemic!), coffee ( lots and lots), pop...sugar (oh my god I was such a sugar freak!!!)...I am now free from it all yet, these habits faded away as my knowledge about health grew and my interest about being optimally healthy reigned over me. I dropped these bad habits one after another...Not all at once 🤪

I am entering this decade...the cleanest😇 I've ever been. Also back at school getting my degree as a holistic nutritionist and fitness trainer🏋️‍♂️. Got my own business plans, in HealtH, promoting a healthy lifestyle focusing on the 4 major points, Sleep - nutritional - fitness - food. It's very rewarding to enhance someone's life for the best.

**The last 2 months in 2019, I've catered 🥙 a lot. I have found myself in every part of town, from beautiful mansions, to restaurants, to private homes and boats...I worked every single day. Yet, I remained Vegan💚, alcohol free, cigarette free, refine sugar free, coffee free... however, I didn't eat as well as I did since being Vegan 🌱.I didn't have the time. So I ingested lots of already made sandwiches...gluten, french fries, chips and of course I found myself at the start of 2020 super healthy yet with extra weight...a good 10-15 lbs extra!

Which comes to show that even a Vegan 🌱 can gain weight!!!

No Fret I say. I did let loose in December. It was the holiday...the whole month!! I ate much more maple 🍁 syrup than I should. It's a good sweetener yet in moderation 🙄

I'm not to worried about that weight gained.  I have a fast solution: " The Vegan 5 day RESET".  It would  allow me to drop an average of 5 lbs and get rid of my cravings which would then bring me back on track for healthier eating which for me is gluten free. I haven't done it yet because... first I am still on holiday mode and second, I wanted to see how difficult it is to break new cravings on my own. so far... its hard.

So, I have decided that Sunday February 1st, I will do the 5 day reset and I am calling on friends 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 to do it with me. Sunday to Thursday Feb 1st to Feb 5th.

It takes about a 5 to 10 days to be shipped to you so plan it well.

May be this decade is the beginning of something big for you? Or may be you'd like to do like I did and get healthier little by little. I have reached my optimal health now but it didn't come overnight 😂!

Step by step, let the reset be your first step.

order here:

Vegan Reset

Reset Normal


Lets bring it on 2020 the decade of possibilities. #ownitintl









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