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First thing that comes to mind when we see Detox is liver and kidney right? More likely because detoxification and digestion go hand-in-hand. Our intestines are the body's main elimination process pathways, if digestion seems difficult, we may have a harder time processing waste and impurities. Everything in our body is interconnected and the gallbladder, liver and pancreas work closely with our stomach and intestines during digestion.

There is quite a number of ways to fix digestive dysfunction. I have found that The new & improved Usana Reset program works magic.

It is proven that the right balance of the right macro nutrients and micro nutrients intake along with the USANA® Probiotic  which are designed to survive the harsh stomach environment is key to a better digestion as well as feeling more energetic whilst giving us a chance to start fresh leaving the old cravings behind. Like being born again!

Everyone at some point felt powerless in front of certain foods. Those were cravings! Did you know that cravings are caused by a fluctuation in our biochemistry and the more we eat those craving-inducing foods the more our body wants them. In no time those bad habits do sets in. It's a vicious circle. One you are able to break free from!

Here is my story as I've just finished the Reset February 6th a night after 5 days.

First of all, know that I didn't do anything January 1st 2020.

No resolution, no commitment... I am already living my best life. I am at the healthiest I can be & I love it.However, I needed to improve my stamina for getting to exercise daily without minding the weather I. I was eating too much good fat like avocados and cashews and needed to break the habit.  Damn I love those cashews though...

So February 1st, I decided to do the Reset.

There is never a better time to start then now. May be January 1st, may be the 1st of the month? Monday? or any day?

One life, own it!

Many like me believe in 4 simple rules to optimal health.

1- take a pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplement. We now know that food is grown to make money not to give us the maximum nutrient from it!

2- Sleep 7-9 hours a day uninterrupted

3- Exercise. High intensity training is best for weight lost as well as anti aging!

4- Eat wholefood. It is filled with Nutrients as supposed to empty Calories from processed food.


The Reset was my Action Taken in order to allow myself to get back into the healthiest mindset..

Last December and January, my energy balance was out of wack. More energy goes in, less energy goes out. % body fat goes up so does my weight. It's simpla math.

 Feb 6th, I was back on track!

Here is what happened during those 5 days.

First, know that I am 6'tall, my weight on Feb 1st was 192.2 lbs and 27.6% body fat. On feb 6th, after the Reset, my weight is 187lbs and 26.2% body fat. Now have the stamina to get back on track! This was my firework , my new day. I am ready with my high intensity training and my running no excuses!

See my story on my personal Facebook here.

What's the reset? click here to find out more and watch the short video.

Remember that exercise is a key part of...Life! It helps us stay sharp, manage our weight, age well, boost your mood...and so much more benefits.

The thought of exercise might be for many, daunting. Everyone has there reasons from being overweight to the weather even Netflix gets in the way! Yet, The Reset will give you the stamina to get going and take it one day at a time at the level that you are at, you can only improve from there.

Who is ready to " find the new you?"

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