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Self Love

Self Love

Here we are now 8 weeks later, sitting at home, riding the pandemic wave and like many, we have more times on our hands.

Self love can be seen as physical or emotional.

Taking time for ourselves... times we thought we didn't have!

This can be seen in different ways...

* Like taking a hot shower...much longer than usual where we even introduced a stretching session?

* Taking a relaxing Epsom bath surrounded by candles, Lavender oil scent and soft music?

*Many friends have planned their own spa day, got this amazing charcoal pollution fighting exfoliating scrub & mask, gently removed impurities and watched their face glow, ready for their next zoom meeting

* For some, self love is taking the time for a nice cuppa Joe with a great book...in many cases the book that we've been wanting to read since 2015!!

* Exercising in order to project a better, leaner image of ourselves. Exercises like jogging in my case is a great way to meditate and clear my mind and find focus.

* Eating healthier. Adopting a wholefood lifestyle during this pandemic has been huge!! Talk about a great way to express self love. Better food leads to better mood, better glow, better image, better concentration...


Self Love can be much more when it comes to satisfying a personal aspect to make our physique happier! Yet there is more to self love...

Self love mentally.

Keeping your demons in check!!

* Realizing what is your reality and accept it. Accept where you are in life, accept your flaws, look to the future and let go of the past, learn to manage your ups and downs. Sometimes it may feel right and cleaver to suppress those times when we feel low yet know that it will always catch up with you if it is left as is. Many are struggling with the ups and down of life, learn how to  manage them could be a great asset in your life. I'd recommend the book " Peaks and Valley by Spencer Johnson" as it is straight to the point, easy read and truly helpful.

Self love mentally is getting to know yourself, what you want, what's your  goal, what's your why. It is doing what you do because it is you and you are not trying to be someone else. You only bring the beauty in the world because you are who you are. Unique. Learn to embrace it.

Things someone can do to increase their self love mentally.

* Share your thoughts with someone you trust. This could go a long way even though  they have no words to add. saying it out loud lift tremendous weight.

*Listen to others as well. Be compassionate, be kind, care, take time to hear and give advises as you'll find that helping others might also help you.

*Find your accountable friends. Share with someone you trust, your fears, your accomplishments, your thoughts to lift a burden on yourself so you can move on. Rely on your friend like I do on mine

*Forgive yourself. We continuously set goals, personal as well as professional yet sometimes, we are unable to achieve them. Lets not be too hard on ourselves yet find the tools to be able to get pass the time we feel down & depressed. Lets stop blaming those obstacles that we could not foresee because we know they are there to see how committed we are to go on... Be gentle on yourself, forgive and move on.

*If you feel broken in some ways, seek changes. Learn, read because there are endless tricks to get better and focus on happiness. Don't stay broken because of convenience but embrace the chaos that will lead you to self love optimally.

For those who know me well, I'm a health nut. Yes, everything I do is to ensure I grow older in health so I can enjoy every single day no downtime. It is fair to say that optimal health might play a big role in self love, both physically and mentally. The four pillars : wholefood lifestyle, sleeping well for 7-9 hrs /night, exercising daily and taking nutritional supplement of good quality are the catalyst to find yourself at a great place, happy with physique and mind.


*** I am here to listen if you are looking for someone to hear you, guide you. I mean it.

***Be Proud Of Who You Are & Not Ashamed Of How Someone Else Sees You.

Love yourself



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