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The Power Of The Mame

The Edamame

So immature yet so versatile
So Powerful and nutritious


Seen in every restaurant but not your home?

-Immature because the Edamame is the young soy bean!

-Versatile because soybean is used...as a soy protein, in tofu, soybean oil, soy sauce, miso, tempeh...

-Powerful because it's a good source of energy

-Nutritious... so nutritious see below!!

Low Calories, no cholesterol, gluten free... I am on a cleanse this week as of February 1st...you know new month new me😇!

I'm on Day 3, I've got to have three shakes during the day and two healthy snacks. Well my snack of choice yesterday was the Edamame sprinkled with a little togarashi. Yummy!

The Edamame being so amazingly nutritious along with a healthy low glycemic lifestyle its miraculous

A snack of 155gr edamame is 188 Calories.

*8.1 gr of fiber which make you feel full longer as it is releasing  its energy slowly and consistently. Even with 3gr sugar, it doesn't raise your blood sugar.

*18.5 gr protein. High in protein snack means a great source of powerful energy. Also, it provides a complete protein as well as all the amino acids that our body needs as we cannot produce it.

*3.5 % Iron!! Has a vegan, this is a great source of iron so my energy keeps up with my healthy active lifestyle.

* 440mg  potassium. That's such an important mineral in our body as it's health benefits are almost endless. It promotes healthy muscle contractions, helps the nervous system, reduce high blood pressure, good for the heart and kidney. Help prevent kidney stones, osteoporosis...Amazing🥳

* Edamame contains folate. Our cells need it to produce DNA and helps in the process of cell division. Did you know that having adequate amount of folate help prevent depression?

In fact... If you are looking into living a healthy lifestyle towards optimal health, eating wholefood is a must and Edamame is a great addition to a healthy low glycemic diet.

Yes, day 3 of a 5 day cleanse. Get rid of the toxins, lose the extra weight, increase my energy level... I am doing so well. In fact I’m kicking ass as I am following the process perfectly to have optimal results😉

If you know me, you know I thrive at living a healthy lifestyle. I’m big on nutritionals supplements as in today’s world we need it to keep our 100 trillion cells healthy!!
let’s close with why I love those Edamame so much... 

Rich In vitamins & minerals.    Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Phosphorus, Selenium, Vitamin C, Choline, Vitamin A, Beta carotene, Vitamin K, Lutein...

Healthy Snack:

Edamame sprinkled with shichimi Togarashi

* Bring water to boil

* Add a cup frozen Edamame

* Boil for 5 minutes

* Drain and dish up

* Spinkle some Shichimi Togarashi



 **Shichimi Togarashi is a japanese spice. it means Seven Spices. Red chili peppers being the main ingredient, it also contains dried orange peels, sichuan peppercorn, black & white sesame seeds,ground ginger, poppy seeds and nori.

It is easily found in any supermarket and it adds a light kick to the edamames!


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