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The science behind Celavive

If you have been following me for a while now on Instagram, You know that I am a Health Nut.
Everything I use, do, eat is beneficial to my health.
I'm strictly Vegan for optimal nutrition.
I exercise every single day no matter what!!
I Sleep my 7-8 hours a day without interruptions. Sleep is crazy important for optimal health.
I have also been taking the Usana nutritional supplements as even a Vegan lifestyle like Moi lacks nutrients in today's world!
I have recently discovered and tried Usana's Celavive skin care line and even though it is not needed for optimal health...it does help making me look my best, younger looking with a healthy glowing skin.
You see, I have a combination oily skin type and I used to get blemishes, clogged pored ( being a Chef and all) (yikes!) and the occasional acne....yes even at my age!!
Can anyone relate?
So I got to try Celavive because I trust the company that makes it.
Usana is a  global nutrition company providing the highest quality science based products like dietary supplements, nutritional food & skincare products.
I'm a guy, guys don't do that!!!
Seriously I did have that mindset until a year ago haha!!
Live & learn right?
I've always cared about my skin yet never ever applied any products beside taking supplements that helps keep it plump, hydrated & healthy looking like the Cellsentials and the proflavanol.
As someone that keeps wanting to feel and look young, when I've heard that Celavive would do just that...I am like * hummm...Hell yeah!!!*
    • Cleanse: For my Skin type, I use Creamy Foam Cleanser twice a day.  it's more like a lather than foam which I like, it exfoliate gently my skin and lift away dull dry cell. *Yeah! *

                         1. I use it in the morning, to freshen up, remove dead skin              cell & remove excess oil accumulated over night.

                         2. At night, to remove dirt, oil and impurities from                 the working day

  •           Vitalizing Serum I love mainly because it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! * Ya Man* I use the serum in morning only yet may be I should use it at night too. *hummmm!*
  •           Hydrating Eye Essence: This once is light and reduce puffiness, dark circles and even makes crow feet thing of the past...I use it twice a day.
  •          Protective Day Lotion: It is what protect my skin for the day ahead with SPF 30, it hydrates & lock the moisture in. * Neat!*  
  •         At night time i start with the Make Up Remover. Even though I don't wear make up ( can't believe you just thought I did) it works miracles in getting rid of the dirt accumulated on my face during the day. I am always amazed to see how much is there wow. From there I start my regiment...
  • I finish every day with the Replenishing Night Cream. It rejuvenate my skin overnight for long lasting visible improvements.

Before I close on my Celavive review, I need to say that Usana has a new technology called Incelligence and in a nut shell, by applying those products with the technology it helps our cells to create their own antioxidants to fight the free radical. which is why it works so well. If you want to know more about this technology: Incelligence

***For me, the incelligence technology is  good info but the proof is in the pudding as we say and I'm thrilled it works and it is chemicals free, paraben free, preservative free and clinically and scientifically proven to work. That was good enough for Moi!!

 It feels good to look your best.

I'm a Chef and I cook and promote healthy eating so I have to look the par. I walk the walk and I can honestly say that Celavive was just the puzzle piece, the key ingredient that was missing.

Yet, At just under Cad$300 I can understand that it isn't for everyone as it might be on the pricier side for many. It is an investment in yourself, in the way you look and feel.

Know that because it is such high quality, you virtually just need a pea size amount so it last for a while for sure.

I feel my best Inside & Out.

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