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You Must Believe

January 1st is 3 days away.
It is almost time to let go and look back at December and say " that was fun!"
Time to embrace and foresee the Changes needing to happen not only to get back to normal but to live a healthy and Vibrant life.
After all it cannot be like December every day 😜.
We all know , Change isn't easy.
With January around the corner we could get a little fearful and it is very normal.
Firstly, You Must Believe In You. 
Change is frowned upon by our family,  friends, coworkers.
I know that for a fact from my time as Executive Chef of one of the biggest kitchen of British Columbia. Whenever change was coming it was always met with great adversity. I understood; It is Nature of life.
January 1st; Aka CHANGE!!!✨
We are not just talking about changes to get back to normal from the crazy month of December but changes to get better than the previous years.
Most people are already dreading this time because they know what needs done and what they will have to face yet the fact remains...it is not easy to CHANGE.
**I was made aware that some are so scared of failing they start their new resolution days before the year end... It is a mindset of beliefs yet the rate of success remains the same.
We talk about Changes, we talk about success rate being low when it comes to start new healthy habits at the start of New Year. This year 2019 is no different than others beside the fact that I am here and ready to make it easier for you.

I am a master of Healthy Habits. I am Chef Fred and CEO of my own company.


All about Health. Because I thrive to reach Optimal Health.

See from my Instagram where a share some of my wealthy knowledge about living a Vibrant life.  

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I have been sharing the power of a healthy lifestyle for years in order to live a life free from pain and suffering yet living a vibrant life. 

I have noticed over the years, the reason why most fail at their new years resolutions is because they cannot fight the cravings. Their constant battle against those cravings makes it very difficult to sustain. This is why I like to take those cravings away.

Cravings Be Gone I Say!!💫

2019, here is your chance to succeed... not just for January but for the whole year.

Be a Healthier you without the fight

I call this CHANGE made easy.

Some call it Detox, Cleanse...I simply call it

"5 days towards a healthier you"

It all starts with 5 days designed to lose your cravings to help you succeed and send you on the right path to your better self.

*Clears the toxins *lose average 5 lbs *re-energized *lose cravings *helps with focus...

For the whole month of January I'll be helping people starts this 5 days miracle.

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First step to success, give it 5 days! 

Lets be honest, there is nothing of more value than our own health.

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5 days!

I am always here and I'm easy to reach. ownitintl@gmail.com

Give it a try.



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